Monday, February 4, 2008

Episode 5 - Canberra Half Ironman

The Canberra Half Ironman 2008

  • Dan introduces the characters on an evening run

  • Dan has a cosmic experience on the beach

  • Hear the full day in Canberra from pre-race nerves to the finish line

  • Plus interviews with a couple of big names from triathlon in Australia

  • Useful links:
    Running from the Reaper podcast
    Blue Seventy wetsuits
    Music from the Podsafe Music Network
    Meg Allison

    The swim start on the shores of
    the glorious Lake Burley Griffin _________ Andrew's patented entry technique

    A fast-looking person in transition _______ Mike pretending to look pain-free

    Mark sprinting to pass and beat
    some poor guy right on the finish line! _______ Mike's version of a sprint finish

    "Never let Daddy do this again" _________ Mike and Dan in the recovery area

    Monday, January 28, 2008

    Episode 3 - Sri, physio & Nepean

    Reports from the Sri Chinmoy tri, physio pain and Australia's oldest tri

  • Mike's long-winded race report on the Sri Chimnoy Canberra Olympic distance Triathlon
  • The boys get together to celebrate after the Round the Bay in a Day bike ride and discuss the pain of physios
  • Mike's wrap up phone call after the Nepean Triathlon, Australia's oldest triathlon

  • Nepean Triathlon
    The transition area

    The swim start

    Spiderman rides again

    Wednesday, November 14, 2007

    Episode 2 - Sri, Noosa & the big rocks

    Reports from the Noosa & Sri Chinmoy tris, Dan's dodgy leg and how to balance your life

    • Mike on a morning ride around Mosman
    • How to get in touch with us: You can leave a comment on the blog, email us or try our new voicemail call-in line! Ask a question or leave us a comment on (02) 8003 OWBT
    • Lisa leaves us a message about her first ever Olympic Distance triathlon in Noosa last weekend!
    • Dan in Melbourne slurping espressos in Lygon Street, and giving us some tools about how to achieve balance in your life. Ideas like Strategic time management - the big rocks and life pizza
    • Dan also discusses the evolving story of his ongoing leg injury and what it means for his training and race plans
    • Mike finds a new bugbear
    • Mike gives some pre race comments on arrival at the Canberra Sri Chinmoy triathlon
    • Dan tries a short run to test his leg
    • Mike's week of training leading up to Nepean and riding with the Boundary Riders

      Swim start at Noosa last week

      Lisa flying towards the finish

      The triumph

      Hanging with Robbie

    Lake Burley-Griffin at the start of the Sri Chinmoy Triathlon

    The somewhat less-than-bustling transition area

    Monday, October 29, 2007

    Episode 1 - The obsession begins...

    Series intro, driving to Canberra, 24 hour mtn biking & attack of the cramps!

    Welcome to the first episode of the Obsessed with Balance podcast. I can't believe we've actually done it! I drove my wife to the airport this morning and had an hour before work where I managed to finish cobbling all the audio together and upload the finished product, Dan just called me at work after listening to it and we were all "I can't believe it, it sounds like a real podcast!"

    Anyway there are obviously plenty of issues with tightening up the format, improving the sound quality, improving our own delivery styles (cutting out the "ums" and "ahs"), but we're well on the way.

    As the purpose of this blog is to host and support the podcasts, the posts will be fairly brief, rather than just rehashing everything we’ve said in the audio. You can just click on the title of each post to download that particular episode in mp3 format.

    These blog posts will contain a brief outline of what we discuss in each podcast, links to any websites or articles we talk about in the show and photos relating to that episode.

    Episode 1

    • Dan & Mike discuss the term "Obsessed with Balance" and what it means to us.
    • Our reasons for starting this podcast, the dual purposes of:
    1. Giving information and entertainment to people who are just starting out or in their first few seasons of triathlon. There are plenty of awesome podcasts out there by serious triathletes and ex-world champions which provide incredible amounts of useful information, however a lot of times this is pitched at a level way beyond the triathlete who is just starting out.
    2. Providing local content for Aussie athletes - in tune with our seasons, talking about local races, providing a forum to meet up with others at your level, etc.
    • Mike drives down to Canberra to do the Oympic distance triathlon at the Sri Chinmoy triathlon festival and on the way talks about his goals for the race, plans for the upcoming triathlon season and gives some personal history on his athletic background (or lack thereof).
    • In Canberra Mike goes to watch the Mont 24 hour Mountain Bike Race and interviews Marty & Janelle about how their race is going.
    • Dan talks about his difficult weekend with a bike crash and then serious cramps at the start of a long run.
    • A physio's view on the cause of cramps and how to treat or prevent them.

      At the transition area

      At the campsite



      Off into the sunset

      Night riders